Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making Arts with Kids

Well Golly, didn't I have the best summer ever!

I just finished spending my entire summer working as a director for some cool children's arts programming.  In this situation I was permitted to prepare exciting and new arts and crafts activities for children.  I did my best to present them with activities they might not have done before, while revamping old favorites.  In the end I feel as though I have learned just as much as the kids about art making, perception and possibility. As my contract has finished I find that I am a bit tired, but heavily inspired.  

The following are some pictures of a few projects we completed.


A view of our Kusama inspired Sticker installation- we had to plastic wrap before stickering because the building people said so!  Our small project was based on the large and amazing one by my hero and yours Yayoi Kusama!

These two objects are actually time machines that a group of children made when given a random and rag tag collection of supplies, and told to go wild!

After being introduced to Andy Goldsworthy the children were lead outdoors to make their own version of earth based art.

In all I have been impressed and dazzled by the responses these children have had to the projects I shared with them.  It was not easy to explain certain moments in contemporary art to five to ten year olds, but in their own way they picked up the ideas and ran far faster with them than most adults!

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