Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Halifax!!!

These charming little drawings from my New Canada collection will be available for viewing and sale at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax. So if you find yourself in the area stop by the gallery during the month of March!!!

There will be a bunch of other Canadian artists showing there as well, so be sure to drop by and get your fill! It is going to be a great show!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Embroider for new Canada

This is a fun little project I completed last year while up in Burke's Falls helping a friend make maple syrup.
While up there we learned that if a sugar maple breaks a tiny branch during syrupping season, a tiny icicle forms off the end of that wee tiny branch. And if you are the right height to enjoy it, it is very worth while to take a bite of that icicle, for it will taste ever so slightly of maple.

Kathleen Edwards and I Have similar taste

After completing yet another series of Canadian Map alterations for an ongoing series called "New Canada", I decided to take a break from drawing by googling about for new music. I nearly fell over when I saw the new Kathleen Edwards album "Voyager".

The cover art is so similar to what I have been doing. Admittedly it is a strange feeling to see someone out there making something so similar to you, and at first I was a bit miffed by it all.

I think it is part of something we all go through as artists when we think we have found something so special, and so unique, only to discover it has already happened.
However as I gave it more consideration I found myself pretty happy to see this art gracing the cover of such an(awesome) album. It helped me to understand that I am not the only one thinking this way, and that perhaps there is a community out there wondering about Canada and Canadian identity here. In a way this image reinforces that I am not a crazy pants.

Yaaaaaay! Not a crazy paaants!

Anyhow I love this art work!!!!!!
And this album! I gave it a listen here while I continued to make more map drawings! I recommend you do the same.

Ps. if you meet the artist behind this work, tell them I want to be friends because obviously we've got something in common!