Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hanging Out Craft Niiiiiight

Hi Pals,

Tonight I will be hanging out at Needlework and having an arts chit chat session with the partakers in Needlework's Craft Night!!!  If you are in Hamilton this eve, stop by and say "Hi".  You can find out all about how and why I made this fleet of little Craft Witch Houses!  

It will be a good time because of the following reasons:

1- I will be there and I am nice and I love to talk about art and craft
2- you can bring a project you are working on and work with a bunch of other hip people who are also working on things
3- They have a very nice dog in the shop called Peggy
4- I am going to ask you some questions about what you think!!!!!
5- James street North is the place to be!
6- The spirits of ancient Craft Witches of the North will be present so if you need to communicate now is a good time
7- It will be better than sitting at home wondering where your inspirations/aspirations went

There.  SEVEN WHOLE REASONS TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neatto Mosquito!
See you there!

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