Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just makin some clothes for kids

you know, keeping busy.

Working to expand my knowledge, and practice some skills.
Use up some old fabrics, found items.
Make some stinking cute things for my babe and other peoples babes to wear.

So I dress my kid every day.
Which is great because we were gifted soooo much clothing!!
Sadly for the gifters I have passed on much of it. (sorry gang)
Still I sense we have way more than we need/ way more than what our teeny tiny Toronto home can handle but much of it is lovely and cute and there. I 've been duped into owning more than I need.

So why then would I elect to make children's clothes you ask.

I am an avid maker of things.

When I became pregnant I became super excited to make things for my own kid instead of buying.
Now was my chance to change the typical pattern of  Mama has baby, mama buys all kinds of crap, mama carves a deep baby shaped hole into the planet with her crap pile buying skills.
Low and behold, even without me being the central buyer we have a household full of stuff.
I pare and pare down, currently paring as we prepare to celebrate the first year milestone.

I am so excited for my child, she is so much fun she has challenged me to think outside of all of my expectations about everything.  In a way too she has challenged me to strive to understand this stuffing of stuff in our culture. I cannot necessarily stop others from doing it, I can almost hardly stop myself, but I have been and it feels very empowering.  

What I am doing now is taking the old and used things and making new things.  It actually feels good to see my kid wearing something made out of fabric that was wasting away in someones basement.  It feels so good that I am making more and looking to share what I make with others. 

It is a peaceful process.
It brings me joy.

What can you find and remake today?