Friday, January 29, 2016

Well hello once more.

So excited to say that my kids clothing adventures from the summer turned out awesome!
I did a handful of shows, met plenty of fun inspiring people, and I learned much along the way(namely how to secure your tent in the event of a storm!!).
It was really fun to put my experience in retail to work for myself too.  I am so accustomed to displaying and selling other people's work that it felt really good to finally put all that energy into my own work!

It also felt really good to have my work acknowledged by other makers!

I decided to go with  *goldiemilks* as a label.  you can find it here:


I keep a daily Instagram too: @themisspencil
in case you wonder about my silly world.

Here are some samples:

 The itty bitty swing tank! a most popular item.
 The light little party dress. made w upcycled sari bc I live in little India!
A light summer toddler jacket inspired by the Japanese Yukata.
These were also a hit!

What's next?  Well first thing is first.  We up and bought the place next door and are completing a full gut and reno job on it with the hopes of renting it out. So in between full time momming and art and crafting my energies are spent over there.  
It is such a cool project to completely dissect a house!  While my partner is the building scientist and has a greater scope of knowledge in this department I am a trusty sidekick who is learning to "do" on the job.  Thus continuing on my personal trajectory of becoming a person who can make anything. 

Of course amidst all the things, momlyfe, home renovation, mini tiny itty bitty upcycling business I still have my art chomping at the bit to get out.   A friend asked me if all the projects and the crafting were a good equivalent to just making art itself and sadly for me no it is not.  All those other things require a type of creativity and a type of intelligence but none of them are actually the answer to what I am seeking. 

What am I seeking then?
What is in my gut?
Objects.  To make weird colourful, textured objects and two dimensional works that reflect my accidental permanent state of optimism. 
I do not have a big agenda.  I cannot solve the stupid issues of the world by making art however, by making art, I might be able to make the world a more tolerable place.

Right now my projects bring me joy and bring me income and potential future income.  
Right now I am building stability because you cease to be able to fuck around when you have a small person relying on you for their future.

My actual mantra since Adaire was born has been "I don't have time to fuck around." I have said this to my very patient partner Jack, I have said this to my mom, I have said this to the door to door people that want me to 'blah blah blah', I have said this to the overly yappy sales person at the pet food store, and I might even say it to you one day.  But I am holding onto it as we get into this year because I need it right now.

Welp this has been a rambly post!

Have a good week!
And for dog's sake quit fucking around.