Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big TV's

The large TV in my living room reminds me that it is a wormhole and I'd rather not look at it today.
I think TV's like this belong in low dark places.  In  cozy cave where you go to be comforted by repetition and the ability to stop and start things.  Turn them on, turn them off, on, change channel, glow.
I didn't like it facing me while I read my book.  It felt as if it were trying to suck on my eyeballs by licking them away from my studies.
A cold thing warm and asking.
Today I declined the offer by covering the screen.

Next time I will keep my reading in the studio.

p.s. there is new work coming that I will share soon, the process is simply slow

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


With some of yesterdays newly spun yarn (unwashed/set) I tried crocheting a small sample with it just to see....

Such a tiny legnth, 1.5", 2 rows, one single, one double. So pretty.

Looking at this makes me think about exactly how much intelligence is encoded in objects.
Like all that which is encoded in living things. 

I just get excited by the little things.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spin those Blues Away.

Nope, not actually "blue" today.  However several Torontonians have expressed their dismay that the cold weather has come back to us today.  I am not dismayed because I got to spend the day working on improving a really great craft.  Spinning!!  One of my projects today has been to practice spinning yarn with my drop spindle.

As I finished  I looked out the window and noticed how much my roving resembled the cold bearing clouds out there.   

Well isn't that nice.

What's more is that I found this great video of Navajo Weaving Master Clara Sherman explaining the art of spinning.  A very inspiring woman indeed!! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

In 2013 I Knit Some Socks

A great way to start a new year is to sit down a knit something useful.
I cannot exalt hand knit socks enough.  They are warmer, they are fluffier under your feet, and when they get holes they can be repaired to a sturdier degree than their machine made counterparts.  The only drawback is they take 2 days plus skill to make.  Thus making the disposable ones a better economic choice in our current time space. 

One day when I qualify as a granny I hope that socks like this will only take me 1 day plus skill to make.  Then everyone I know can have socks that are made by hands.

I found the recipe for this pair at Ravelry the mecca of the online knitting community.