Monday, February 24, 2014

Another day, another pair of socks

Maybe it is this cold winter. 
My dedication to the art of socks is growing still.
Thanks to my handy book, `Knitted Socks, East Meets West` by Judy Sumner, I am still enthralled with her work translating Japanese Lace inspiration into footwear.

This one is called Tatami.

I used size US 2 needles with Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn. 
I didn`t track how long it took me to make this time because I was simultaneously embroidering something hilarious and beginning a home reno project.  These socks saved my piece of mind as I go incredibly crazy when my studio has to be packed away(due to reno).  One and a half weeks to go before I get it back...

Of Course I love colour so working in this yarn in this pattern was an absolute treat!

You can find the pattern here!
(on etsy via Judy Sumner`s Ravelry page)
If you are on Ravelry I suggest you check her work out, you will be inspired!

When googling I also discovered an interview with her.  
Be inspired. 
Go make something!

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