Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Again. After much success of the Pom Pom Project (Thank you HFC!). I begin again to develop a new project to add to my body of work.  I had been thinking on this for a while now and today I finally sat down and got to business working out a sample.  I hope to have the first edition finished for the end of november.. If I can swing it. We shall see.  I must remain diligent at my work as I step towards winter and back into a standard issue retail job ( baby's gotta pay the bills!!)
Today things looked like this:

This project involves all that you see here plus a little pizzazz and a great deal of handiwork!

On other fronts I am excited to mention here that I get to be in a whole new show with my little herd of Craft Witch Houses!!! Hooraaaaaaay!!!  It is called Ghost Hole IV, and it takes place on Toronto Island!  Are you excited my pals?  This means that Toronto will get it's very own personal look at the houses and all sorts of other great art!  This time the very spooky nature of the work will be highlighted.  So maybe you want to bring a buddy just in case you are the nervous type.

I will post more on this next week, but for now: Ghost hole: October 27th : Toronto Island: Be There!

Here this will help inspire you!  BOO!

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