Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, it is a new year isn't it now.
To ring it in, and set forth some good creative will I am beginning it all by re-arranging my studio. The goal is to set things up so it will be easier for me to simply sit down and work without having to set up my work space over and over and over.........

For me that has been the biggest challenge in living in the same apartment as my workspace. It frequently becomes a home space, a dressing room, a tea time area, pretty much everything but a studio space!! So today I will reinforce my commitment to the arts by arranging, and tidying the space where we meet. The greater goal in mind, of course, is to make more so that I may share more, and feel more like myself. Making is my way of being just as taking a walk is my method of achieving reason.

It is just about noon!
Let's see what I can do by 6 pm!!

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